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AJ Lysko
Aidan F. Balboni
Aidan G. Mulvey
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Aidan Mulvey
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Albert and Nancy Patterson
Alessandro Barbiellini Amidei
Let's go boys of 2021!
Alex J. Calabro
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Allanand Jennifer Apjohn
Allen mccarthy
in memory of Kip Dugan 83'
Alyson and Ken Karpowicz
Once in, Never out!❤️🖤 Keep up the great work!
Amy Lyons
Arrows Forever!
Andrew Bartlett
Go Arrows!!! Always proud to support such a great school and community.
Andrew C. Giacchetto
Andrew Clark
Andrew Dolan
Andrew E. Dorsey
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In memory of Francis
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Nick and Will Adams - Arrows Forever!
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Bob and Nancy Garland
In memory of Edna Garland
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Candace Kelley -McLaughlin
In honor of Marjorie M. Kelley GP ''12
Carl Corazzini
7-12th grade I met faculty and peers that helped shape who I am as a person. The right environment for me to be in at a time when I was trying to figure out who I was.
Carla Callini
Carol Dabaghian
Carol Mustone
Carole O'Malley
Casey Condron
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Cassler Family
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Go Arrows!
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In memory of Patricia Dalto
Go Arrows! I.X.
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In memory of Morris Kittler
Remembering Morris Kittler for his many years of dedicated service. Great article on him in St. Sebs Magazine.
Christian A. Casiano
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Christian J. Venditti
Christian Kelly
Thank you!
Christian X. Kelly
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Once in, never out! Arrows forever!
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Christopher N. Hatem
Christopher R. Nadeau
Christopher R. Sullivan
Christopher T. Hines
Christopher and Amy Goffredo
St Sebastian's has been a blessing and the love the students are shown by faculty, staff and fellow students is unmatched!
Christopher and Arlene Marano
Cindy and Ron Harrington
Cole Hanifin
Cole R. Hanifin
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Craig B. Gibson
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Craig Collins
In memory of Morris Kittler
Craig Gainey
In honor of Mr. Burke, the faculty, and staff who make St. Seb's a special place. Go Arrows!!
Craig Healy
Curtis K. Yandow
In honor of Kevin Thornton 53'
Dan Driscoll
Dan Gilbert
Dan and Dorothy Daly
Daniel Burke
Daniel J. Conley
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Daniel Sullivan
In memory of Kevin Michael Sullivan '82
Daniel Sullivan
Daniel T. Quinn
Daniel and Catherine Ward
Daniel and Erika Bachiochi
Go Arrows!
Darvis Rankins
In memory of Eric Lake
Dave Reynolds
Dave Ryan
David & Carolina Emello
In memory of Morris Kittler, "The Coke machine is on wheels".
David A. Abelson
David A. Gusella
David B. Leith
David Borah
David Bresnahan
David Burke
David Cacciola
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David and Cherstine Slicklen
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Dean and Debra Crandall
Dean and Nancy Falb
Deborah Cerra
Go Arrows!!
Deborah Mackintire
Debra Johnson
Declan E. Maguire
Declan J. Gray
Declan P. Walsh
Declan Walsh
Deirdre Rynne
In memory of Morris Kittler
Denise Pelletier
Denise Vandini
Dennis&Susan Kelley
Derek J. O'Donnell
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Derek Richard
In memory of Harry Richard
Devin Birmingham
Devin and Erin Condron
Dillon Ecclesine
Dillon P. Kerr
Dimitry A. & Masha Doohovskoy
Dolly Di Pesa
Dom Scordino
Donal O'Connor
In honor of Mr. Burke
Doug Kingsley
Doug Murphy
Douglas Bacon
Douglas Carlson
Douglas J. Murphy
Doyle Silvia
Dr. Saf Kazmouz and Susan Neal
Dylan J. Crandall
Ed and Antonette Davis
Eddie Downs
Thank You to Administers, Teachers, Coaches, and all support staff. Go Arrows
Eddy Tabit
Edmund Murphy
Edosa V. Onaiwu
Edward Burke
In honor of Deceased Members Class of 1975
Edward D. Harrington
Edward Dillon
Edward Ronan & Leah Socorro
Edward T. Murphy
Elaine Schwimmer
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Emilio and Alexandra Tangerini
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Eric and Ashini Carkner
Erik R. Jones
Ethan Sullivan
Eugene Clerkin
Evan Boudreau
In memory of Finn Boudreau
Good to see familiar faces on the video. Especially Mr. Chambers. I'll never forget him singing "Rise Again" 30 years ago. Congrats to the current students and administration for surviving and thriving through the pandemic. "Ain't no power on Earth can tie (you) down."
Evan G. Prince
Evan Nordby
I love you Saint Sebastian's.
Evan R. Trethewey
Felix and Magalie. Brunache
Francesco Mercuri
Francis Mahoney
Fred Daly
Frederick Corcoran
G. Andrew Conway
In memory of Morris Kittler
Gabriel A. Twohig
Garrett fitzgerald
In honor of Eric Lake
Gene & Maryann Kiely
St. Sebastian’s School provides a complete education - mind, body and spirit - for our grandsons! Thank you to all the wonderful members of the Staff! grandsons
Geoff Mueller
Geoffrey E. Wade
George Hoch
George L. Barrett
George Morrissey
In honor of Packy
George O'Toole
George and Pauline Auclair
Gerald P.and Tina Collins
Ginny Lavoie
Giorgio Petruzziello
Gleason Gallagher
Greg Clark
In honor of Morris Kittler
Greg and Cori Cronin
Gregory A Ciongoli
Gregory Calabro
Gregory J. Barletta
Gregory Kelly
Gretchen Wiik
In honor of Gloria C. Flahive
My Mom loved being a part of the St. Seb's Family. Go Arrows!
Griffin C. Wagner
Griffin Wagner
In honor of Sebs Lax
Go Arrows
Hans and Kelly Nordby
Harrison Kelleher
Harrison P. Carlson
Harry Karavolas
Heather McCarthy
Henry Gennari
Henry Kennedy
Isaiah Standield
J.B. Dowd
JD Dietrich
JP Judge
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Jack Brugger
Jack Crowley
Jack Doherty
In memory of Jim Orr
Jack F. Doherty
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Jack G. Hynes
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Jack McLaughlin
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Jack R. McCool
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Jake T. Mulrey
Jake W. Cusack
James Allen
James Barron
James Benjamin
James C. DeSisto
James C. Donovan
James Connolly
James D. Davenport
James Dillon
In honor of Ted Dillon, Class of 2006
James Driscoll
James E. Freehill
James Elcock Jr
James Esperne
In memory of Beverly Serena Sullivan
James F. Mooney
James Foley
James J. O'Leary
James Kittler
James Maloney
James McGovern
James McLaughlin
Sagittae aeternum
James McLoughlin
James Obrien
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James Pantano
James Quinn
James R. Mitchell
James S. Cerra
James T. Mulroy
James and Mary Beth. Gallagher
James and Stephanie Rice
Jami Hilton
Jan Aldrich
Jane Singh
Janet Swanson
Dedicated to honor of Louis Hansen and his success at St. Sebastian . Good luck Louis. Janet
Janet Young
Jared Strauss
Jason Bertsch
Jason R. Spiegel
Jay & Reenie Murphy
Jay Daukas
Jay Tansey
Jay and Elizabeth Derenzo
Jay and Jean Driscoll
Jay and Laurel Mullen
Jay and Martha Harney
Jayden P. Struble
Jean and Michael Lynch
Jeanine Esperne
In honor of The Philosophy Reading Group
Jeanne & gerald Kerzner
In honor of jeanne kerzner
you do an excellent job all around preparing students for next phase
Jed and LauraDoherty
Jeff Reddish
Jeff and Andrea Korzon
Jeff and Catherine Conahan
Jeffrey A. London
Jeffrey M. Serowik
Jeffrey and Allison Bolton
Jeffrey and Jessica Young
Jen Queally
Jennifer O'Shea
Jennifer Pichay
Jennifer and Kevin Queally
Jennifer and Richard Joyce
Jerod and Gabrielle Funke
Jess Davis
Jill & Dan Toomey
It takes a village and Sebs is the best village!
Jim & Thidie Donovan
Jim & Thidie Donovan
Jim Fitzgerald
Jim and Jean Ann Curley
Jim and Mary Kay Rest
Jimmy McCabe
Jimmy Ryan
Joan Arms
Joe Coughlin
Joe Kerwin
Joe O'Malley
Joe Tansey
Joey Harney
John & Mary Rivard
John A. Fee
John B. Daukas
John C. Piatelli
John D. Rourke
John Deroche
We remember St Sebs even in IL
John Doherty
John Dolan
John E. Mahoney
John F. Flatley
John F. Nilles
John Fiore
Arrows Forever!
John Fletcher
In honor of Morris Kittler
John Foley
John H. O'Leary
John Hepburn
John Hueber
John Hynes
John Kennedy
John L. Brennan
John Lazzati
John Lynch
John M. Frisoli
John MacFarlane
John Malloy
John McAuliffe
In memory of My Brother Lawrence; '79
St. Sebs has guided 3 generations of our family in body, mind and spirit. The value of the education, the spirit of the teams and Athletics and the long lasting friendships have no equal in the ISL. Continue the traditions and embrace the Future. Arrows Forever!
John McKinney
John McManmon IV
John McNamara
John O'Leary
The students are being well prepared by an excellent faculty and staff.
John P. Farley
John Piccione
John R. Gordon
John R. Real
John R. Vanasse
John Rodriguez
In honor of Father Paris
Keep up the good work!
John Sylvia and Eileen Lynch
John Tansey
John and Ann Caravolas
John and Elizabeth Straub
John and Jean Ryan
John and Jennifer DeSisto
John and Maura Reintjes
John and Peg Adams
John and Tracy Foreman
John and patti Keefe
Beyond grateful to St Sebastians
Johnny Behman
Johnny Piatelli
Jon & Susan Kean
In memory of Matthew Sullivan '93, Daniel Eastman '95
Continue pursuing tried and true Christian principles, the exhortation of Jesus to "Be Not Afraid" and to live confident in the Truth.
Jonathan D. Jones-Booker
Jonathan demosthene
Thank you.
Jordan D. Fine
Jordan Perry
Joseph A. Campanelli
Joseph C. Clark
Joseph Cerra
Joseph Cugini
Joseph D. Pandit
Joseph DeRoche
Joseph E. Fiore
Joseph Ferrucci
In honor of Grandson MacArthur boys
Joseph J. Guarino
Joseph M. Hamilton
Joseph M. Kearney
Joseph M. O'Malley
Joseph P. Suliman
Joseph Shamon
Joseph Shanahan
Joseph and Elizabeth Sylvester
Joseph and Jennifer Harney
Joseph and Lindsey Scardino
Joseph and Marion DiTullio
Joseph and Maureen Carven
Joseph and Tiffany. Amorosino
Josh Heller
Juan P. Oliva
Judith Hall
Judy Hardiman
In honor of James Maguire (grandparent of Aidan and Devin)
Julie Coughlin
Julie Duddy
Justin R. Lee
We believe in the values espoused by the administration and faculty. Our son has achieved collegiate success both academically and athletically due to his St. Sebastian's experience.
Kaileen and Jamie Colgan
Karen Ditto
Karl P. Grohmann
Karl and Beverly Nadeau
Kate MacPherson
Kate and Alex cook
Katherine and David Clark
Attending St. Seb’s was one of THE most important experiences my sons have ever had. Bill Burke is an icon!
Kathleen Bragdon
Kathryn Rowe
Go Arrows!!
Kathy & RIck Luppy
Go Sebs. Go Arrows. Thank You to all of the staff and faculty for helping us to navigate these "interesting" times.
Katie and David Steele
Our family is incredibly grateful to the St Sebs community for continuing to provide such high quality education during such trying times. Go Arrows!!
Kelsey E. Kane
Kenneth A. Csaplar
Kenneth Yameen
Kenny Vallace
Keon J. Webbe
Kerri and Mike Mulka
Kerry And Judy Kehoe
Kerry Frisoli
Kevin & Chrissie Cullinan
Go Arrows!!
Kevin C. Boland
Kevin Dillon
Kevin Discoll
Kevin Flynn
Kevin Gill
Kevin J. Looney
Kevin Kiley
Kevin Leonard
Kevin M. Moore
Kevin M. Patterson
Kevin P. Ginns
Kevin Su
Kevin and Elizabeth Grimes
Kevin and Heather Gill
Kevin and Karen McCarthy
Krista and Edward Ryan
Sagittis in aeternum!
Kristi O'Connor
In honor of the talented and dedicated faculty and staff.
Kurt Steinkraus
Kurt W. Saraceno
Kurt and Julie Steinkrauss
Kyle E. White
Kyle Harrington
Kyle Licameli
Kyle P. McCarthy
Kyle and Meredith McClements
L. Ryan McGuirk
Lakey MacArthur
Lakey MacArthur
Go Arrows!
Landen and Sarah Williams
Laura & Sean Harrington
Lawrence S & Sheila Jansen
Lee Sardone
Liam Ford
Liam McCarthy
Liam P. Connors
Linda Frasca
For your steadfast support of our boys, much appreciated, thank you St. Seb's!!
Linda Mitchell
Sebs was the perfect school for my son and I adore Mr. Burke!
Lolo Garcia-Marxuach
Louis Hansen
Louise Tsoi
Lucas Rioux
Luke A. Diggins
Luke B. Scotten
Luke M. Murphy
Luke M. Sullivan
Luke P. Garrity
Luke Sweeney
Lyndel Erold
Mac Lalor
Madeline Murphy
Malcolm Osazuwa
Marc Mingolelli
Marc Rosenfeld
Marc-Andre and Elizabeth Elie
Marie Carroll
Mario I. Oliva
Mario Oliva
Mario and Ximena Oliva
Mark Bergin
Mark Brennan
Mark Daly
I have some great memories of Sebs when I was a student and now seeing my son, Jack, make ones of his own.
Mark G. Lagace
Mark Holbrook
In memory of Mr. Kitler
Mark M. Cunningham
Mark M. Heffernan
Mark McCue
Mark McLean
Go Arrows!
Mark Pohlman
Mark Sullivan
In honor of John & Evelyn Sullivan
In honor of my parents whose goal was to ensure I received a great education.
Mark T. Wilson
Mark Warner
Mark and Brittan duBose
Mark and Judy Heffernan
Mark duBose
Marques Jackson
Help shape the trajectory of my life. Forever grateful
Martin Kane
In honor of Nina and Ruthie
These two women ran the St. Sebs lunch room and were dedicated to the students and the school!
Martin Lehman
In memory of Louise Elias
Louise Elias was the grandmother of William Elias Class of 2022. His maternal grandparents are Marty & Gittan Lehman who are so thrilled that Will is attending SEBS!! where he has made lifelong friends and had exceptional academic and athletic opportunities. A GREAT school!
Marty Morris
Marty White
Mary Larkin
Mary O'Sullivan
Mary and Bill Supple
Maryellen Driscoll
Matt Blue
Matt Chabot
Matt Connolly
Matt Fechtelkotter
Matt Karpowicz
Matt Lepley
Matt Lutch
Matt Ouellette
Matt Russell
Matt and Lee Boole
Matt and Sarah Noone
Matthew & Kathryn Callahan
Arrows Forever!
Matthew A. Behman
Matthew A. Spencer
Matthew Barron
Matthew Burke
Matthew D. Wolpe
Matthew Devlin
Matthew Eldridge
Matthew Engel
Matthew Fleming
Matthew Forde
Matthew G. Guarino
Matthew Holbrook
Matthew J. Spalluzzi
Matthew L. Connelly
Matthew Moran
Matthew Murphy
Matthew P. DeAnzeris
Matthew Page
Matthew Perry
Matthew T. Rocco
Matthew V. Barletta
Matthew W. Bell
Matthew W. Griffiths
Maura and Tom Turner
Maureen Connolly
Maureen Donovan
Maureen Dumas
In memory of Sarah O’Connor
Maureen Joyce
Maureen Treseler
Max O. Samulka
Megan Mays
Megan and Derek Maguire
Merlin & Susan Ladd,
In honor of Nat & Tim
Michael A. Hoff
Michael Atwood
Michael Barrett
Michael Bergin
Michael Buckley
Go Arrows!!!
Michael Burke
Great school and brotherhood always!
Michael C. Wahle
Michael Collins
Michael Coskren
Michael Cronin
In memory of Henry Lane
Michael D. Calabro
Michael D. Dailey
Michael DiBiase
Michael Dumas
In memory of Robert Dumas
Michael E. Higgins
Michael E. Mullowney
Michael Flaherty
Michael G. Duffy
Michael G. Garland
Michael Gwynn
Hope all the Alums participate in this important pledge drive!
Michael J. Colgan
Michael J. Derenzo
Michael J. Foley
Michael J. Muldowney
Michael Jones
In appreciation / support of ST SEB'S mission to increase awareness and improve racial equity in undeserved communities ... LETS GO ARROWS!
Michael K. Finucane
Michael L. Mackintire
Michael Mingolelli
Michael Mullowney
In honor of The Incomparable Henry T Lane
Michael N. Bollas
Michael P. Farinacci