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ARROWS FOREVER - What does this mean to you?

Kelsey Kane

Arrows across the USA

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A Douglas Angelone
In honor of Alfred C Angelone
AJ Lysko
Abbeygale Anderson
Aidan Balboni
Aidan Garrity
Aidan Harrington
Aidan Maguire
Aidan McCarthy
Aidan Mulvey
Alberto and Lucy Casiano
Alessandro Barbiellini Amidei
For the class of 2021!
Alex Baynes
Alex Cook
Alex Doten
Alex Jansen
Alex Moore
Alex Purpura
Once in never out….
Alex Roth
Alex Yang
Alexander Gainey
In honor of Bill Burke
Thank you Mr. Burke for all you have given to the school and for always being there for all of us. You will be missed.
Allan Apjohn
Allen Pierce
Allen and Ann McCarthy
Amiee & Bill Munro
Amy-Jayne & Patrick McCabe
Andrew Bartlett
St. Sebastian's holds a special place in my heart. To be part of this brotherhood is an honor....Arrows Forever!!
Andrew Corcoran
Andrew Digan
Andrew Dolan
Andrew Elcock
Andrew Hahm
Andrew Horne
Andrew Kelley
Andrew McCue
Andrew McNeill
Andrew Michienzi
Andrew Phillips
Andrew Spencer
Andrew Warner
Andrew and Lydia Conway
Andy Duong
Andy McAuliffe
Andy Philbin
Andy and Karrin Plotner
Andy and Kristina Hatem
Andy and Marissa Clark
Angus O'Rourke
Anne Fox
Our boys were very lucky to attend St Sebastian's!
Anne Grier
Anne Perkin
Anthony Arcanti
Anthony Canavan
Anthony McIntyre
Anthony Perez
Anthony and Lilly-Joyce Gagliardi
Anton and Caroline Melchionda
Art & Pam Kelleher
Arthur Durkin
Arthur and Virginia Ficco
Asaad Family
Aster Tshadiku
Aturo Adkins
Austin Franchi
Austin Lewis
Austin O'Shea
Barbara Connelly
Barbara Jenkins
Ben Frisoli
Ben Garrity
Ben Kaczmarek
Benjamin Brown
Benjamin Thai
Bernard and Joyce Cooney
Bill Ablondi
Bill Elcock
Bill Gault
Bill McMullen
Bill Meagher
Bill Zrike
Bill and Danielle Redfern
Bill and Marcia Matthews
Billy Donovan
Billy Donovan
Go Arrows!
Billy O'Brien
Billy Seidl
Blake Gallagher
Blake Hailer
Blake and Alix Stuart
Bob Peretti
Bob Shue
Bobby Cintolo
Brad Coughlin
Brad Griffith
Brady McCabe
Braeden McCabe
Brendan Albertson
Brendan Boyce
Brendan Burke
Brendan Carty
Brendan Daly
Brendan Dumas
Brendan Gallagher
Brendan Goostray
Brendan Hoarty
Brendan Lutch
Brendan Mahoney
Brendan Mansfield
Brendan McKenzie
Brendan McNamara
Brendan McPartland
Brendan Melley
Brendan Murphy
Brendan Quinn
Brendan and Cari Lyons
Brendan and Emma Atwood
Bret O'Brien
Brett Condron
Brett Porter
Brian Bowe
Brian Collins
Brian Compagnone
Brian Craven
Brian Daly
Brian Denning
Brian Egan
Brian Flaherty
Brian Kittler
Brian Luppy
Brian Mullin
Brian Murphy
Brian Murphy
Brian Piatelli
Brian Pinch
Brian Richter
Brian Wolpe
Brian and Ann Connelly
Brian and Caitrin Dunphy
Arrows Forever! 2026
Brian and Julie Mulvey
Brian and Kathy Boyce
Brian and Katie Collins
Brian and Paula Clerkin
Brian and Steph McRoskey
Bruce Culleton
Bryan Doe
Bryan O'Donnell
Bryan and Erika Welch
Bryce Gallagher
C. Todd Patterson
CJ Kaltenbach
CJ Martin
Cam Balboni
Cam Cain
Arrows Forever 2017!
Cam Collins
Cam Kelly
Cam Quirk
Cameron Finnegan
Cameron Mulvey
Cameron Rivera
Candace Kelley McLaughlin
Carl Corazzini
Carol Dabaghian
Casey Kelly
Caspar Touloukian
Cecil and Karen White
Cecilia Fleming
Charles Conigliaro
Charles Haley
Charles Sullivan
Charlie Bacon
Charlie Hoffman
Charlie Jacob
Charlie Pandit
Charlie Tait
Charlie Tangerini
Charlie and Carla Ko
Charlie and Laura Tangerini
Chetan and Namrata Ghatge
Chip Burke
Chris Barletta
Chris Burns
Chris Callahan
Chris Cataldo
Chris Condron
Chris DeAnzeris
Chris Hahm
Arrows forever!
Chris Hines
Chris Joyce
Chris Kennedy
Chris Leith
Chris Marano
Chris Marich
Chris Moses
Chris Potvin
Chris Riley
Chris Vallace
Chris Vallace
Chris Warner
Chris Wolpe
Chris Wright
Arrows forever!
Chris and Paige Dalto
Christian Kelly
Go Arrows!
Christian Pichay
Christian Reenstierna
Christian Venditti
Christine Robertson
Christopher Conley
Christopher Hatem
Christopher Marino
Christopher Mullen
Christopher Shachoy
Christopher Shachoy
Christopher and Kathryn DeAnzeris
Christopher and Mindi Connelly
Cole Aldrich
Cole Szeman
Colin Boland
Colin Connolly
Colin Dowdle
Colin Kehoe
Colleen Cassler
Colm Kearney
Connor Bertsch
Connor Bragdon
Connor Dumouchel
Connor McGuirk
Connor Smith
Connor Strachan
Connor Wiik
Conor Thomson
Conor Craven
Conor Dillon
Conor Duffy
Conor Haughey
Conor Hilton
Conor Joyce
Conor Masterson
Conor Mynahan
Conor Reenstierna
Conor and Mara Moran
Cooper Wright
Cormac Gallagher
Craig Bourassa
Craig Gainey
In honor of Bill Burke!!
Craig Gibson
Craig Healy
Curtis Yandow
Dalton MacAfee
Dan & Nancy Lammon
Dan Curry and Kathy Orourke
Dan Daly
Dan Daly
Dan Driscoll
Dan Gilbert
Dan Quinn
Dan and Kara Field
Dan and Kathryn Burke
Dana Story
Daniel Barton
Daniel Borah
Daniel Keefe
Daniel Ko
Daniel O'Regan
Daniel Sullivan
Community spirit and legacy of growth & development
Daniel and Erika Bachiochi
Daniel and Joyce Williams
Danny Beam
Danny Conley
David Barlow
David Burke
David Cacciola
David Cuzzi
David Gately
David Korzeniowski
David Labow
David Loughborough
David Palumbo
In memory of Bruno Palumbo
Proud alumni of an amazing school. Arrows Forever!
David and Carolina Emello
David and Kathy Calabro
David and Katie Steele
David and Kristen Reynolds
David and Tara Healy
Dean Crandall
Deborah Cerra
Thank you! We will never forget our time at St. Sebs! Go Arrows!
Debra Johnson
Dec Gray
Declan Walsh
Denise Vandini
Dennis & Susan Kelley
Dennis Maguire
Derek O'Donnell
Devin Birmingham
Devin and Erin Condron
Dhaniel Ramos
Diane Clark
Dick and Kay Moore
In honor of Tyler Curry '26
Dillon Ecclesine
Dimitry and Masha Doohovskoy
Dom Scordino
Donal Oconnor
Beat bel hill
Donald Armstrong
In honor of Pat Armstrong
Catholic based education
Donald Maloney
In honor of Dr. James H. Maloney, Jr.
My Father attended the Harvard Dental School where he was the President of his class. He practiced dentistry in Quincy for 40 years where he grew up. He was also a very humble man. Though his labors he sent his eight sons to Saint Sebastian’s and his two daughters to the Newton Country Day School of the Sacred Heart and then paid for all ten of us to attend college and graduate schools. Although, he was proud of his black Cadillac he was not above sweeping the driveway after work at our summer home in North Scituate. My siblings and I look forward to spending eternity with him and our beloved mother. My Father believed and lived out his belief that “there is only one shot cut in life and that is education”. He was pleased to be a member of the Saint Sebastian’s family and we all cherish his memory.
Doug Murphy
Doug Shaw
Douglas Bacon
Douglas Fainelli
Douglas Kingsley
Dr. Jim and Peggy McDonough
In memory of James McDonough
Drew Dorsey
Drew Giacchetto
Drew McAuliffe
Dylan Crandall
Ed Zhang and Shu Li
Edgar and Flordelis Elum
Edosa Onaiwu
Edward Burke
Edward Cummings
Edward Ryan
Edward and Joanne Kenney
Elizabeth Derenzo
Elizabeth Shinzawa
In honor of The dedicated faculty, administration, and staff of St. Sebastian’s
Elizabeth Sylvester
Elvira Gentile
Eric Carkner and Ashini Shah
Eric Drumm
Eric Jeremiah
Eric McGowan
Eric and Alison Lessard
Erik Jones
Ethan Merithew
Ethan Sullivan
Evan Boudreau
Evan Prince
Evan Trethewey
Flynn Family
Francis Bielawski
Frankie Mahoney
G David Riedell
In honor of Mr. Bill Burke!
Garin & Kelly Arevian
Garrett Fitzgerald
Where boys become men
Garrett Mancini
Gary and Karen Gregg
Gavin Viano
Gene Clerkin
Gene McDonough
Gene and Maryann Kiely
Geoff Wade
George Barrett
George Doherty
George Flatley
George Hoch
George O'Toole
Gerard Fulham
Gerry Healy
In memory of Anne Healy
Gerry Healy
Giorgio Petruzziello
We Love St Sebs!
Greg Barletta
Greg Clark
Greg Kinlan
Gregory Kelly
Griffin Wagner
Hagan Ward
Hal Cail
In honor of Allen R Cail DMD ‘56
Harrison Nash
Harry Carlson
Harry Kelleher
Helen Maxwell
Holly Wilbur
Iraj and Judy Hooshmand
Iron and Rosemary Ramos
Isaiah Stanfield
J.B. Dowd
J.P. Milbury
Thank you to all the hard working people keeping up a great legacy at St. Sebastions! - Jack Doherty 07'
JD Dietrich
JT Sullivan
Jac Campanelli
Jac Young
Jack Adams
Jack Brugger
Jack Connolly
Jack Daly
Jack Doherty
Jack Doherty
Jack Duffy
Jack Faggiano
Jack Flynn
Jack Frisoli
Jack Gallagher
Jack Heeney
In honor of Art Walsh
Jack Hentschel
Jack Hodgson
Jack Hynes
Jack Kerwin
Jack Leetch
Jack Lordi
Jack Mahoney
Jack O’Doherty
Jack Ragnoni
Jack Sullivan
Jack Volo
Jackson Mannix
Jackson McKeigue
Jake Cusack
Jake Loughborough
James Barron
James Cerra
James Connolly
James Davenport
James DeSisto
James Elcock
Go Arrows!
James Esperne
James Foley
James Hunnewell
James Hunt
James Madison
James McGuire
James Mooney
James OBrien
James Orscheln
James Rice
James and Hadley Keefe
Jamie Hilton
Jamie Kittler
Jamie and Jessica McDonald
Jared Arevian
Jared Price
Jason Bertsch
Jason Spiegel
Jay Daukas
Jay Harney
In honor of Fred Daly
Jay Tansey
Jay and Jean Driscoll
Jean Lynch
As retired Director of Health Seevices, , the personal connections with students was a privilege and honor that has continued to enrich my life. #arrowsforever
Jeanine Esperne
The educational gift St. Sebs gives to the students is priceless
Jeanne Johnston
Jed and Laura Doherty
Jeff Conahan
Jeff Serowik
Jeff and Allison Bolton
Jeff and Andrea Korzon
Jeffery and Leslie Noonan
Jeffrey Quinn
Jeffrey Valdez
Jennifer Gorman
Jeremiah Johnson
Go Arrows!
Jess Davis
Jesse & Heather Bean
Jim Carney
Jim Connell
Jim McLoughlin
Jim McNulty
Jimmy loves being an Arrow!
Jim Mooney
Jim Rest
Jim and Elaine Tourtelotte
Jim and Kaileen Colgan
Jim and MaryBeth Gallagher
Jim and Shirley Dunn
Jimmy Elcock
Jimmy Freehill
Jimmy McCabe
Jimmy Mitchell
Jimmy Ryan
Joan & Joseph MacDougall
Joan and Robert Dunn
In memory of John Francis Deneny & Joseph Edward Dunn
We are proud of you! Keep up the good work!
Joanna & Bill Wishart
Joe Clark
Joe Coughlin
Joe Griffin
Joe Harney
Joe Kearney
Joe Lawler
Joe Maxwell
Joe McIntyre
Joe O'Malley
Joe Scalia
Thanks for the text reminder, Alex Baynes. Semper Sagitta... Altius semper...!
Joe Shamon
Joe Sylvester
Gave all I got
Joe Tansey
Joe and Carolyn Campanelli
Joe and Carrie Leto
Joe and Jane Lawler
Joe and Kathleen Boschetto
Joe and Stephanie Scordino
Joey Dellumo
Joey Guarino
John Adams
No comment
John Beam
John Brennan
John Carroll
John Chisholm
John Cox
John Danca
John Farley
John Flatley
John Fletcher
Love the school!
John Frain
John Hayes
John Hepburn
John Howard
John Hueber
In honor of Fred Daly class of 1970
Once in never out. Arrows Forever
John Kavolius
John Lawler
John Lynch
John Manning
John McAuliffe
John McIsaac
John McManmon
John Nilles
John Noonan
John O'Leary
John Petro
Always there for each other.
John Piatelli
John Power
John Real
John Rourke
John Rugo
John Schulte
John Suliman
John Vanasse
John Wolfe
John and Ann Caravolas
John and Cory Pollack
John and Gretchen Wiik
John and Jennifer DeSisto
John and Jennifer Esserian
John and Karla Pastore
John and Maura Reintjes
John and Patti Keefe
Love God, work hard and help the others. Be that bright light of Christ for them. Let your arrows aim high.
John and Tracee Lynn Hynes
John and Tracy Foreman
Johnny McNamara
Johnny Ryan
Jon Kean
Jonathan DeFalco
Go arrows
Jonathan Jones Booker
Arrows Forever Day
Jordan Brydie
Jordy Fine
Joseph & Tiffany Amorosino
Joseph Albanese
Joseph Cerra
Joseph Cugini
Joseph Gray
God bless you St. SEBS. God bless you Mr. Bill Burke✝️❤️
Joseph Hamilton
Joseph Harney
In honor of Mari-Jo C. Harney
Go Arrows, MJH
Joseph Hulbig
Proudly support this special place and the great class of 1992!!
Joseph McRoskey
Joseph Pandit
Joseph Shamon
Joseph Shanahan
Joseph Spagnuolo
Joseph and Tiffany Amorosino
Juan Oliva
Judith Hall
Julie Duddy
Junior Laura
Justin Lee
Kara May
Karen Carpenter
Karen Johnson
Karen O’Leary
In honor of Chase Stratford
Kari McPartland
Kathleen & Robert Ix
Once in, never out. Arrows forever!
Kathleen Bragdon
Kathy & Rick Luppy
Kati Bannish
Keith and Megan Anderson
Kellen Donovan
Kelly Stenberg
Kelly and Eugene Van Biert
Kelsey Kane
Kenny Vallace
Kerri and Mike Mulka
Kerry Dowd
Kevin & Kate Rowe
Keep up the great work of educating young men.
Kevin Boland
Kevin Cummings
Kevin Dillon
Kevin Faherty
Kevin Gill
Kevin Ginns
Kevin Looney
Kevin Moore
Kevin Murray
Kevin Patterson
Kevin Sullivan
Keeping legacies & memories alive forever
Kevin and Chrissie Cullinan
Kevin and Eileen White
Kevin and Elizabeth Grimes
Kevin and Liz Quinn
Kim Goldman
Krista & Edward Ryan
Kristi O'Connor
Kurt and Julie Steinkrauss
Kyle Bilezerian
Kyle Harrington
Kyle Licameli
Kyle McCarthy
Kyle McClements
Kyle White
Landon Bailey
Lars Gubitosi
Lee Sardone
Liam Burke
Liam Connors
Liam Field
Liam Ford
Liam McCarthy
Liam Muldowney
Liam Noonan
Lisa Collins
Lolo Garcia-Marxuach
Lori Connors
I love Sebs and appreciate all that this school has done for my sons!!❤️
Lou Hansen
Louise Condon
Louise Tsoi
Luke Brassard
Luke Diggins
Luke Harney
Luke McKenzie
Luke Scotten
Luke Sweeney
Luke Wasynczuk
M.J. Muldowney
Mac Fotiades
Marc Antetomaso
Marc Rosenfeld
Margaret Abbate
Marie and Michael Carroll
Mario Oliva
Mark Brennan